How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Many people cannot stand the sight of a cockroach, and no one wants them in their home. These pests may seem harmless, but they can carry bacteria and diseases that affect both humans and animals. Cockroaches can bite cats and dogs, causing them to become ill. They can infect the food supply of a home with their saliva and waste, leading to food poisoning, Staphylococcus infections, and diarrhea. We will provide you with a few tips on how to get rid of cockroaches in and around your home.

Tips on how to get rid of cockroaches

If one roach is seen in a home, chances are there are much more hiding. Cockroaches rarely come out during the day and will scurry to safety if a light is turned on at night. To get rid of cockroaches, it is not enough to simply spray for roaches. The following steps should be taken for the best results in your overall pest control prevention program and in getting rid of cockroaches that are already present in your home.

  1. Clean the home, including all baseboards, cupboards, and cabinets. Taking away their food and water source is an important first step in getting rid of cockroaches. Make sure to wash all dishes and to remove all crumbs in food areas. Leaving dishes overnight can and will attract cockroaches.
  2. Seal any cracks and open spaces in and around your home. Properly seal doorways, entry ways, vents, plumbing, electrical and gas lines and outlets to get rid of cockroaches. Immediately fix and plumbing issues and leaks. Water is necessary for them to stay alive. Moisture will attract cockroaches and other insects preventing you from effectively getting rid of them.
  3. Using bait stations can help to clear out roaches in all stages of life. Adults feed on these stations and take the food back to their young.
  4. Insecticides can be used to get rid of any active cockroaches. There are residual treatments that can be put in place to kill the existing population and prevent a new one from emerging. Boric acid is inexpensive and effective. You can make dough balls of flour, sugar and boric acid and place them in areas where cockroaches are present. The sugar will attract the roaches and the boric acid will help to get rid of the cockroaches after they ingest the mixture.
  5. It is wise for homeowners to put out glue traps and check for signs of cockroaches daily. It can take up to eight weeks to get rid of and fully eradicate a serious cockroach infestation. Often, the above steps must be repeated periodically to get rid of cockroaches for good.

Conclusion on how to get rid of cockroaches
Cockroaches can carry a plethora of diseases, including Salmonella, Dysentery, Poliomyelitis, and Typhi. To get rid of cockroaches, you must get rid of them as soon as possible. Doing so will protect the occupants of a home and prevent them from being exposed to deadly diseases. It takes time, but with the above steps, cockroaches can be safely and effectively killed.

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