Ants are a common pest that can get into your home through the smallest of cracks. If there are crumbs, ants can be persistent and keep reentering your home.

Ants can contaminate food and be a nuisance.  Being so tiny, sometimes they are hard to miss. Ants can cause structural damage to your home, as well as contribute to unsanitary conditions. Worker ants can remove garbage from their nests and make their own garbage dump somewhere inside your home. Ants can make their nest inside your home and reproduce to about 10,000 ants per nest. Imagine that happening in your kitchen or even on your pillow!

To prevent ants from taking shelter inside your home, there are several things you can do.

  • Get rid of your food waste
  • Don’t leave food on the counter overnight
  • Keep the garbage bin closed

With Pest Exterminator Near Me, we can help you identify the best pest provider for your situation. Our professionals will be able to offer you effective and reasonable methods on how to safely remove ants and other pests from your home for good!

Professional ant removal exterminators use a combination of methods to detect the entrances that ants use to get inside your home. With help from our expert exterminators, you can prevent or put an end to them invading your home.

Do not forget to take time to clean your house as much as possible to prevent any of this from recurring anytime. Just like humans are sensitive to leftover smells of food, ants will find any and every way at the worst time to form a trail. They are most attracted to sweet scented foods like jelly, candy, honey, and syrup. All which are sticky and chemically compounded to leave a recognizable fragrance if not properly cleaned up. Even if you have to double wash, do it because ants are great at hiding when you need to find them at any time.


We all are used to seeing ants in our everyday life outside, or inside while preparing food. No matter the circumstance, ants will always find a way to make entrance in the smallest places possible. Does having house repairment work to stop the spread of ants?

Food-grade diatomaceous earth, also known as DE. They are the remaining fossil forms of marine phytoplankton. The effect it has on ants is detrimental to the skull and bones to weaken their body. With this item, you can place it thoroughly in big or small areas around and outside your home. The most common are cracks, doorstills, and your garbage can outside if it is flooded with trails of ants from the outside. You could use it for the fridge, but be extra cautious to use just a sprinkle and not to inhale any of the chemicals in your lungs. Young children could be greatly affected if inhaled, so make sure they are not around or near the surface once placed.

You can try some home products before using DE

Growing a mint plant inside your house, the fresh breath or minty odor will help separate and eliminate ant trails from entering your home. Take the extra step to include peppermint oils for cabinets and cracks.

Both of these strong ant repellants will mask and destroy the sweet scent that is luring them into the cracks and other small areas. You can mix this with water in a regular spray bottle for it to be effectively efficient. Also, it is best to be sprayed in areas of doorstills, and windowsills.

The original compound of cinnamon is strong enough to suffocate ants with one inhale? If you place a sprinkle of it on a pile of them, they will vanish quickly, and the trail. Cinnamon oil works just as well with water to be sprayed on doors and cracks.

Another alternative to cinnamon is black pepper. It may not kill ants but aid the assistance with them not returning.

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Alternative do it yourself methods to help get rid of pests inside your home.

Ant baits come in different forms such as gels, granules, or stations. Follow the instructions on the bait package to ensure a safe and successful use of the product.

Tips for using an ant bait

  • Put the bait in areas where there are crumbs.
  • Put the bait where you can visibility see an ant hill.
  • Do not use repellent insecticides near the ant bait.
  • Baits are most effective when the temperature is near 70°F/21°C
  • Do not use on wet surfaces.

Ant control sprays can be effective, but also harmful. If sprayed indoors in a sealed environment, it can be potentially dangerous for your loved ones.

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