Ants No-More Bait Station
Ant Bait Station is placed outdoors by simply sticking it in the ground, or indoors by inserting it into the soil of a planter. Place wherever foraging ants are causing problems – around homes, buildings, near shrubs, trees, flower beds or planter boxes. Foraging ants enter the Ant Bait Station, take the bait from one of two compartments and carry it back to the nest. The Ant Bait Station eliminates the heart of the problem the colony.
Line up arrow on tamper-resistant lid. Push lid up and back with your thumb. Place your choice of ant bait in either or both compartments. Replace lid. Stick Ants-No-More in the ground anywhere foraging ants are a problem. Ants will carry bait back to the nest – eliminating the entire colony.
Stake DesignInconspicuously blends into environment
Easy placement saves time
Two Bait CompartmentsAccommodates all types of baits
User’s choice of gel, granular or liquid bait
3oz. total capacity
WaterproofCan be used in wet environments such as near indoor and outdoor sprinkler systems
Baits last longer
UV ProtectionProtects bait attractant from UV rays so bait remains effective longer
Multiple Entry HolesIncreases ant movement in and out of trap
Quicker elimination of ant colony
Tamper-resistant LidPrevents accidental opening
Safe to use around children and pets
SpecificationsWeight: 0.8 lbs