Starting with our flagship product line of 12V portable thermoelectric cooler, today we have expanded to manufacture, a wide range of consumer items. products are marketed worldwide. Silver Bucket Mosquito Repeller Candle Light the twin wicks of the biting insect repelling candle in this silver colored galvanized bucket and add festivity as well as insect repelling protection to your outdoor party. Each bucket contains a combination of a citronella candle bucket and a geraniol candle . Mosquito candle burn time is about 50 hours releasing a combination of citronella scent and geraniol scent both of which are proven mosquito repellers. These paraffin based candles have 3% geraniol and 3% citronella. The burning candle fragrance is pleasant and the candle is smokeless. Each candle measures 4.25 inches in diameter and stands 4.25 inches tall. Weight is about 1.1 lbs. Candle wax color is assorted pastel red green and blue. Each candle refill not included weighs 11 oz. 300g and is white. These candles are shrink wrapped to preserve the integrity of the geraniol and citronella additives. Mosquito Repelling Silver Bucket Candle features Pillar candle inside metalholder emits a pleasant scent yet repels bugs as it burns. Proven Geraniol formulation developed by a major Florida university. Plus citronella oil a plant based insect repellent considered by the EPA as a biopesticide with a non-toxic action. Citronella oil was first registered for use in the United States inc 1948. Space about 8 feet apart for maximum coverage. Note You can use the smaller refill the 11 ounce single wick in this bucket candle holder. What is Geraniol Geraniol is a natural essential oil derived from the geranium plant. It is a biodegradable ingredient that is safe to use and safe for the environment. There are no know toxicity reactions to humans animals or wildlife. How does Geraniol Repel Insects Geraniol has a relatively high vapor pressure and gives off a dilute vapor into the air stream which acts as an area repellent. This helps repel insects before they land. The natural tendency of Geraniol to evaporate makes it work as the active ingredient in wristba.