Cobweb brush features soft bristles that uses electrostatic action to attract and remove dust and cobwebs from your ceiling corners and baseboards. Contoured shape reaches into deep corners or hard-to-access areas for thorough cleanings. Click lock design lets you quickly attach to an extension pole while maintaining a secure connection. Cobweb brush is perfect for cleaning walls, ceilings, cornices, floors and more.
FeaturesSoft bristles safely remove dust and cobwebs with electrostatic action
Contoured shape reaches deep into hard-to-reach areas
Click-lock provides secure attachment to extension pole
Perfect for walls, ceilings, cornices, floors and more
Care Instructions:Hand wash soiled duster head in warm sudsy water, rinse and air dry
SpecificationsColor: Blue
Recommended Use: Cobweb Remover, Dust Remover
Application: Ceiling, Corner, Baseboard, Wall, Floor & Cornice