Bed Bug Magic is a minimum risk pesticide – that’s minimum risk to you, maximum risk to bed bugs and other pesky insects. Bed Bug Magic provides a safer, more natural, less toxic (to humans and pets) way to get rid of bed bugs, fleas, lice, ants (fire, pavement, black, etc), scabies, roaches or parasites and other pesky insects. Bed Bug Magic works with nature to quickly eliminate pesky insects that can infest and infect you and your home. Using an advanced formulation of special active and enzyme ingredients Bed Bug Magic puts the power in your hands to control insects without putting yourself, your family, your pets or your plants at risk and in jeopardy from dangerous, highly toxic pesticides. Research shows that many bugs are developing a resistance to highly toxic pesticides and it’s becoming increasingly necessary to use more and more, putting you at more and more risk. Make the choice that’s safe for you, your kids, pets, plants and our planet – Bed Bug Magic – the safe, effective way to get rid of bugs without leaving poisons and toxins in your home, on your bedding, walls, floors, appliances and kitchen surfaces. Bed Bug Magic is safe to use outdoors so if you need to clean insects and pests away from the patio, deck, play area, garage or garden make the choice that’s safer for people, pets and plants yet super tough on bugs – choose Bed Bug Magic from Green Blaster. Bed Bug Magic is a minimum risk pesticide exempt from registration under FIFRA 25b and containing only approved active ingredients and all other ingredients are GRAS (generally recognized as safe) or food grade! See product label for additional information.