This product kills on contact, is non staining, leaves no oily residue, is long lasting and gives you immediate results when spraying insects directly. Kills a wide range of climbing and flying wood-infesting insects. Kills on contact. Broad spectrum outdoor use: lawn, landscape, foundation, trench, deck and patio, wood piles, and home structures. Should be applied as an aid in preventing termite infestations. The purpose of such applications is to kill workers or winged forms that may be present in the treated areas at the time of application. This product is not recommended as sole protection against termites. Such applications are not a substitute for mechanical alteration, soil treatment or foundation treatment but are merely a supplement. For severe termite infestation, contact a professional pest control operator in your area. Should not be applied to plants grown for food. May be applied indoors for control of the following pests: Carpenter Ants: For effective control, locate and treat nests and surrounding areas. Apply around doors and windows and other places where ants enter premises and where they crawl and hide. Spray into infested wood through existing openings. Silverfish, Crickets, Roaches and Ants: Apply as a spot and crack-and-crevice treatment to areas where these pests crawl and hide, especially in hidden areas around sinks and storage areas, behind baseboards, around doors and windows, and similar areas. Cover all food handling surfaces and cover or remove all food and cooking utensils or wash thoroughly after treatment. Spiders: Apply along and behind baseboards, to window and door frames, corners, pipes, storage localities, attics, crawl spaces and other areas over which these pests may crawl.Centipedes, Ground Beetles, Pillbugs, Sowbugs, Scorpions and Ticks: Apply around doors and windows and other places where these pests may enter the premises. Treat baseboards, storage areas and other locations where these pests are found.